Seriously Souled

For Women Who Take Their Soul Seriously


Adina Stilerman

Director of Olami Souled

Learning is a pretty serious business...

That’s why you have Seriously Souled. No matter how religiously observant a woman is, she can never stop growing and learning.

Souled offers exclusive Seriously Souled classes, geared specifically to more advanced students, who are striving to incorporate Jewish ideas and practice into their daily lives.

We also offer you access to an exclusive content library with video classes and podcasts.

Yep. Life is complicated.

I want to access more insight, clarity, and community


Whether you join on a live Zoom weekly class, called Sunday Specials, or a Seriously Souled WhatsApp chat, Seriously Souled will keep you connected to Jewish life and learning wherever you go.

Sign up today and learn how you can grow through life and be part of the Seriously Souled community.



Anytime, anywhere, on any subject

There’s nothing like learning one-on-one. Personalize your learning experience by learning with a mentor on any subject of your choice through our Souled Partner, Partners in Torah.

Life Coach

Like a life coach for your spiritual practice.

Deepen your Knowledge

Deepen your knowledge and skills in this often overlooked area of your life.

Loving Caring Guidance

Gain loving caring guidance from a woman who underst-ands your personal journey.

What women say about Souled

Alexa Eden Sokol

Souled open doors for me that I didn’t know existed. From deep spiritual knowledge to a community of like-minded, growth-oriented friends and mentors, I truly wouldn’t be who I am today without the incredible opportunities it’s offered me.

Sam Goodman

The biggest gift that Souled has given me is my pick of wise, strong and caring coaches around the world that I can call on any time no matter how big or how small the matter is. The coaches are always so generous with their time and advice. This gift is so important in a young woman’s life and none of us take it for granted.